Where Are Indian Spinach Plant Natural

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Where Are Indian Spinach Plant Natural. Does the indian spinach provide food through its edible plant parts, it also exhibits various medicinal properties. Botanical description of indian spinach.

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Basella alba is known by common. It performs well in this region. Plant spacing influenced yield contributing characters and eventually on yield of indian spinach.

Raceme Or Spike On A Long Peduncle.

Malabar spinach plants grow in india and throughout the tropics, primarily in the moist lowlands. Basella alba is an edible perennial vine in the family basellaceae. Commonly found in the home gardens of.

Does The Indian Spinach Provide Food Through Its Edible Plant Parts, It Also Exhibits Various Medicinal Properties.

It is naturalized in china, tropical africa, brazil, belize, colombia, philippines, the west indies, fiji and french polynesia. It belongs to the family basellaceae. Basella alba is known under various common names, including malabar spinach vine spinach.

Indian Spinach Is A Vigorous Growing Plant And Nitrogen Had A Significant Effect On The Length Of Vines.

The leaves are thick, fleshy, pointed at the tip, and arranged alternately along the vine. It is found in tropical asia and africa where it is widely used as a leaf vegetable. Since old age plants are used for treating and curing different diseases.

The Herbal Plants Section Of Medindia Gives Important Facts Of Indian Spinach Indications In Different Diseases And Method Of Preparation

Actinomorphic, hermaphrodite, regular, carpel 3, syncarpous, ovary superior. Some plants have beauty benefits as well as medicinal uses. The name for spinach is derived from the perison word “ispanai” which means “greenhand” and which later became “spanachia” (latin), to spinach in english language [2], of the many spinach cultivars, indian spinach is the most cultivated in africa [3].

It Does Well In Full Sun, But Will Produce Larger Juicier Leaves If Grown In Partial Shade.

Indian spinach has been used from a long time back for the treatment of many diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, anemia, cancer etc [8]. Benefits of indian spinach plant. (zobo) and a dye obtained from the ripe fruits of basella alba (indian spinach), two local plants, were investigated.


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