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How To Plant Pawpaw. Pawpaw or papaya (carica papaya), whichever name you choose to call it, will still smell as sweet and taste just as good!eat fresh or grated into a salad (thai paw paw salad!), you will find many ways to enjoy this glorious fruit. Make a ridge of earth around the plant, and apply a layer of mulch to aid in moisture retention.

Forum Paw Paw Trees
Forum Paw Paw Trees from

Plant pawpaw seeds in nursery pots. A simple route is to plant an entire paw paw fruit in the ground in fall. Position your pot in the full sun, and fill it with potting soil while holding the base of the plant in position.

Position Your Pot In The Full Sun, And Fill It With Potting Soil While Holding The Base Of The Plant In Position.

You can plant pawpaws by direct sowing seed outdoors. You can collect the brown or black seeds from pawpaw fruit, expose them to moist cold for 3 to 4 months, and plant them to grow new trees! Pawpaw trees have brittle taproots and need at least a foot of loose soil to extend and grow.

The Larger The Pot, The Better, As It Gives The Roots More Space.

If you will plant a seedling, locate a site for it in full sun, but protect it from full sunlight for the first two years with shade cloth or tree shelters. Plant pawpaw seeds in nursery pots. Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

The Trees Should Be No Further Than Fifteen Feet From Each Other.

Seeds need a cold period. Look for a planting site that doesn't get wind, which is harmful to a pawpaw's large leaves. Mulch well after planting and water well.

Pawpaws Are Prolific Fruiters In Warm Climates.

If your soil is too alkaline, add peat moss, pine needles, sulphur. Plant seeds outdoors in the fall. # 2 | if you feel unsure that.

Plant The Same Depth As Grown In Nursery Row Or In Pot.

While this is a slow way to get fruit, it does contribute to a healthy tree. By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway. Gently detangle the roots of your rooted cutting or small, established tree plant.

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