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List Of Helenium Plant 2022. Helenium virginicum, commonly known as the virginia sneezeweed, is an endemic federally protected species. Of these 39 are accepted species names.

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Helenium autumnale is named after helen of troy, it is said that these flowers grew where her tears fell…the ‘autumale’ suffix means it is late summer/autumn. These composite plants are found in large areas of europe, great britain and asia. Inula helenium is a perennial herbal plant belonging to the compositae or sunflower family.

Helenium Autumnale Is Named After Helen Of Troy, It Is Said That These Flowers Grew Where Her Tears Fell…The ‘Autumale’ Suffix Means It Is Late Summer/Autumn.

This compact variety is part of the mariachi™ series and features spicy, red petals with a hit of orange surrounding a dark brown cone. They surround a chocolate brown cone covered with golden pollen that attracts butterflies. The genus helenium includes annual, biennial and perennial plants, the latter are most popular.

The Plant Was First Discovered In 1936 And Is Currently Listed By The Federal Government As Threatened Under The Endangered Species Act Of 1973.

Many of the best cultivars are hybrids, and all are excellent for cutting. These composite plants are found in large areas of europe, great britain and asia. Grows to 1m and with yellow through orange to red flowers can make an interesting cut flower.

Heleniums Need An Open Sunny Position In Good Soil.

Use this pretty perennial in borders, cottage gardens, and naturalized areas. They will not grow in waterlogged conditions. With its ray petals surrounding prominent central disks, north american native helenium does this in spades.

Of These 39 Are Accepted Species Names.

Helenium bigelovii, bolanderi, and hoopseii are native to oregon. If you miss this time window you can plant them a bit later, but they won’t have enough time to establish if you leave it too late. The plant list includes a further 31 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus helenium.

The Roots And Flowers Of Inula Helenium Are Used For Various Medicinal Purposes.

For best results, sprout your helenium seeds indoors then harden them off for a couple of weeks before planting out. Interesting facts about helenium helenium in usa. Look to plant them out ideally not later than the end of march.


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