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Where Will Do Indoor Plants Need Drainage Natural. Drainage holes allow excess water to seep out of pots after watering, ensuring that water does not pool at the base of a pot, helping to protect sensitive roots from rot, fungus and bacteria. Yes, drainage holes are crucial for most plant owners.

4 Houseplants That Don’t Need Drainage [& How to Grow Any
4 Houseplants That Don’t Need Drainage [& How to Grow Any from www.pinterest.com

Rhododendron relies on a good amount of moisture in order to survive, while azalea detests soggy soil. It's best to choose a pot with a drainage hole that lets water drain from the soil after each watering, allowing the soil to dry and reducing the risk. All you need to do is water the plant well when dry, enough to saturate the soil.

Both Of These Plants Are Quite Different In Overall Needs In Regards To Water.

Some plants, like cacti and succulents, are rumoured to barely require watering at. Indoor plant drainage is important, so we choose the pot by its look, color, and shape. A drainage hole is imperative, because it allows the water to flow through the soil and away.

Drainage Holes Allow Excess Water To Seep Out Of Pots After Watering, Ensuring That Water Does Not Pool At The Base Of A Pot, Helping To Protect Sensitive Roots From Rot, Fungus And Bacteria.

Some people like to go the diy route and drill a hole in their favorite planter with no drainage. Contrary to popular belief, most indoor plants do not need to drain because they will not get enough water from the soil. Not only do they look good, they also have many health benefits.

This Is A Question That Many People Have, And The Answer May Surprise You.

Although there are plants that can survive without. Direct light can burn the leaves. As for other common houseplants, drainage holes are recommended in potted plants because they help excess water drain away from the plant’s roots.

Some Indoor Plants Like Succulents, Cactuses, And Other Small Plants Can Survive In A Pot With No Drainage Holes.

If you want indoor plants, it isn’t 100 percent necessary to have drainage holes in your indoor planters. Leave your plant to drain on the draining board and then return them to their spot. Without further ado, let’s explore the top 10 plants that don’t need drainage….

While Not All Can Grow Without Drainage, The Octopus And Umbrella Tree Species Can.

Plants that don’t like a lot of moisture will need a drainage hole for moisture to escape and for airflow to circulate through the pot. The best way to prevent root rot and to allow your plants to flourish is natural drainage. However, if you want your plants to thrive, proper drainage is key.


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