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What If Coleus Plant Care Indoors Natural. Coleus prefers well drained soil. For indoor container care, use grow lights, or find bright morning light, and keep slightly moist.

How to Grow Coleus Plants Indoors Growing coleus plant
How to Grow Coleus Plants Indoors Growing coleus plant from naturebring.com

Coleus prefers well drained soil. If the plant's soil becomes completely dry for any period of time, leaves may wilt. Outdoor containers may require water twice a day.

If The Plant's Soil Becomes Completely Dry For Any Period Of Time, Leaves May Wilt.

Problem with coleus plants (plectranthus scutellarioides) rabbit is the biggest problem if it has been put in the outdoor. If planting in your flowerbed, space plants one foot apart. Coleus doesn't like being overly wet.

An Often Overlooked Aspect Of Coleus Care Is The Humidity.

Learn all about the particulars of coleus plant indoor care right here. Indoor coleus plants grow between half a foot and three feet tall. Indoor plants need water only once every two or three days, or a bit more if you live in a dry climate.

Grow Them In A Warm Humid Place With Proper Soil And Light.

In this post i’ll be answering the question, “can i grow coleus indoors” and offer you some fun facts, tips for care and other helpful hints. Coleus plant loves partial to shade and is not fond of sun exposure This is especially important in the winter months when the air is naturally more dry.

Coleus Is Such An Easy Care, Hardy Plant And Has Many Amazing Qualities To Enjoy.

Indoors, coleus plants like bright light but not hot direct sun. If growing indoors, use a liquid fertilizer every one to two weeks. Position in a sunny windowsill.

What Size Do Coleus Plants Grow To Typically?

Although coleus can withstand temperatures down to 8°c (46°f), they'll produce flowers and most likely die shortly afterwards as. Because coleus plants need high humidity, moisture issues can cause problems. Add a general fertilizer regularly.


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