Recipe: Perfect Kek Pisang Kukus

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Kek Pisang Kukus.

You can cook Kek Pisang Kukus using 11 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Kek Pisang Kukus

  1. You need of tepung naik sendiri.
  2. It’s of sk tepung penaik.
  3. Prepare of sk soda bikarbonat.
  4. You need of biji telur gred A.
  5. It’s of gula perang.
  6. You need of gula putih.
  7. It’s of sk ovalette.
  8. Prepare of pisang lecek.
  9. Prepare of minyak masak.
  10. Prepare of sk esen vanila.
  11. Prepare of Secubit garam.

Kek Pisang Kukus instructions

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