How to Cook Tasty Mi Goreng Sempoi

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Mi Goreng Sempoi.

You can cook Mi Goreng Sempoi using 18 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mi Goreng Sempoi

  1. You need of paket mi kuning (500gm) dibilas dengan air dan toskan.
  2. You need of mangkuk kecil isi ayam dipotong kecil.
  3. Prepare of biji telur.
  4. It’s of mangkuk besar tauge.
  5. You need of mangkuk besar kucai.
  6. You need of bawang putih.
  7. Prepare of biji bawang merah.
  8. It’s of biji cili merah.
  9. It’s of air.
  10. You need of sudu besar sos cili.
  11. It’s of sudu besar kicap manis pedas Mashuri.
  12. You need of sudu besar kicap masin.
  13. You need of sudu kecil garam.
  14. It’s of sudu kecil ajinomoto.
  15. Prepare of sudu besar gula.
  16. Prepare of minyak masak.
  17. It’s of cili jeruk.
  18. It’s of Limau kasturi.

Mi Goreng Sempoi instructions

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