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Mee Goreng.

You can cook Mee Goreng using 19 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mee Goreng

  1. It’s of bungkus mee kuning 400gram.
  2. It’s of biji bawang besar.
  3. You need of bawang putih.
  4. Prepare of biji cili kering.
  5. You need of tauhu.
  6. It’s of bahagian ayam – dipotong kecil.
  7. Prepare of mangkuk udang.
  8. Prepare of sosej – jika suka.
  9. You need of biji tomato.
  10. It’s of pohon sayur sawi.
  11. It’s of sudu sos cili.
  12. It’s of sudu sos tomato.
  13. You need of sudu sos tiram.
  14. Prepare of biji telur.
  15. Prepare of sudu gatam halus.
  16. Prepare of sudu serbuk perasa.
  17. You need of sudu gula pasir.
  18. You need of minyak masak.
  19. You need of air.

Mee Goreng instructions

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